Pors Theolen

Pors-Theolen (port of the tiles, the name of the close village)

on the commune of Cleden-Cap-Sizun is a refuge snuggled at the bottom of a fringed handle of a small sand beach inserted between two cliffs. A affleurant rock is positioned in the middle of the split.

crtIt is the first shelter of the northern coast. Of an easy access by the sea, disturbed by the presence of some rocks, it was used a long time as natural shelter with the ships fleeing
Coastal sheltersheavy weather.
In 1884, a hold with weak slope of 60 meters is built to be able to put the boats at dryness by winds of North in the North-West, only dangerous sector for damping.
There an access path by the strike is open four years, in 1888, to later make it possible the carts to come to charge with the marine amendments.
On July 29th, 1975, the hold having undergone large damage, it is decided the construction of a new hold for an amount of 117,000 francs. Storms of December 1977 and
January 1978 large damage will produce again which obliged to consolidate the hold.
Coastal shelters

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