Pors Tarz
On the commune of Primelin, Pors Tarz (the port of breaking wawes)

is a relatively easy peaceful harbor of access by the coast.crt For this reason the shelter was used formerly by the sea fishermen but also the peasants of the vicinity who collected there the wrack which them servaitd' manure for their cultures.

Pors-Tarz sheltered a flotilla of fishing boats which tracked coastal crabs and fish. Sixteen units are entered in 1885 and twenty-five, four years later. On August 30th, 1885, following a malicious strong gale, 15 launches were destroyed in this split. Coastal sheltersAfter grinds investigations and of many shipwrecks which will have at least the virtue to prove the need for carrying out work, a quay with platform and winch is finally realized, followed in 1891 by a raising of the quay level in 1923. On the side eEst of the split of the fish ponds in masonry, supplied with sea water, were installed in 1883 with the site of the marine caves. Today with the abandonment, rust invaded their structures little by little as it corroded the ancient winch of Pors-Tarz.
Coastal shelters

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