Pors Loubous
Isolated in the south of Plogoff, Pors Loubous (the port with the birds) seems,

with the dead season, a phantom port  emerges from the little road of Penneac' H, single access towards the sea.

crtWith the approach of the harbor installations the presence of boats hoisted on cliff and the gleaming colors of the doors of the cottages of the fishermen undeceive us. The port takes again life at the beautiful season. Admittedly the activity is not any more that of the beginning of the 20th century, where one counted in 1910 twenty and one boats and twenty-five sloops.
Coastal sheltersThe quay and the mole were built in 1887 by leaning on large rocks protecting the split naturally.

This port was a high place of Resistance. With the participation of local fishermen, many combatants there unloaded at the time of the second world war, in particular Honore d' Estienne d' Orves, naval officer, charged by the general de Gaulle with organizing a network of information in occupied France.
Coastal sheltersA commemorative plaque points out this event.
Coastal shelters

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