Pors Poulhan

The shelter of Pors Poulhan marked out by its small headlight

crtAt the border of the Bigouden area, Pors Poulhan, located on the commune of Plouhinec, was at the 19th century only one split bordered of rollers. Directed in the south, from many boats protected themselves there from the storms of west and western north. It was thus asked by the local authorities that harbor installations are installed there. Thus a platform was built in 1913 then increased in 1923 and equipped with a winch.

Coastal shelters

In 1926, these are about thirty boats, whose majority specializes in fishing with the shellfish, which occupy the port regularly. In 1935 a hold facilitates the hoisting of the boats.
In the Fifties, the small port develops by the construction of moles and cuts blade forming its entry. Arranged out of basin, two marine caves sheltered by 1896 sommairesviviers with shellfish.
The small port was even equipped with a station and a lifeboat of the HSB (Hospital Breton Rescuers) between 1926 and 1946.

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