Sainte Evette

Located on the commune of Esquibien, the small pier of Sainte Evette was attended by small boats until the end of 1950.

crtIt is in 1893 that the local fishermen asked for the installation and the protection of this bay of Landrevette. In 1905 the first installations took place: punt forms and dams of 35 meters. The stranding of the handle of Landrevette and the provision of a hold with very close Lervily contributed to the complete stop of the port activity. Sainte Evette today are completely dedicated to the nautical activities of pleasure and the optimists, center-boards of all kinds, catamarans and other boards with veils do not test any more the need to accost and to moor with its old pier.

Coastal shelters

The new shelter of Lervily-Sainte Evette is very active on the other hand today. Become before harbour of Audierne protected by a long mole it offers 180 accessible dampings whatever the tide.
It has a pier for the boats ensuring the connection with the island of Sein, and the shelter of the lifeboat of the SNSM of the station of Audierne is installed there since 1947.

Coastal shelters

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