Le Vorlenn

Located at Cleden Cap-Sizun in bay of the Trépassés

between the beach and the vault of They Saint, Vorlenn is the single port shelter of the Western frontage of the Cape Sizun. It profits from an exceptional framework, for all the headlights of the strong current and the island of Center. By good weather, this small bay deserves its name well, into Breton, vorlenn means “pond of the sea” more probably derived from gourlan “slack of full sea”. It offers a very sure refuge except by winds of West to South-west of most frequent.

crtIn 1892 installations are carried out to facilitate accostings and to allow launching, even by heavy weather, of a lifeboat maintained with cliffside.
Coastal sheltersA slope and a metal footbridge connecting two rocks are installed, supplemented by an unloading dock provided with steps, a scale and railing.
Thereafter, various improvements will be added, like the installation of a hand cable winch in 1926. Nine boats and six sloups attend damping in 1937,
joined at the beautiful season by a whole flotilla of fishing boats of Douarnenez and Sein.
In 1950, major repairss following storms were necessary. The same situation is found into 65-66. On January 31st, 1958 a project of replacement of the footbridge
out of wood by a concrete footbridge is accepted. In December 1989 and January 1990, following a series of storms, of large damage are recorded and disturb it
operation of the port which at that time shelters 8 professional boats and more than twenty yachtmen throughout the year.
Coastal sheltersAt the beginning of the Seventies, the port at sea shelters an association of rescue (the Maritime Company of Rapid intervention) which hopes to be able to be integrated and profit from the means
SNSM. There will be no continuations. At this same period a project of connection with the Island of Center putting the island at 20 minutes of the continent is considered.
There will be also no continuation.

Today some professional ligneurs and about ten yachtmen still use the portde May to September. The legend tells us that it is of Vorlenn that “Vag nos” (boat
night) installed towards the broad one and the island of Center with the hearts of the late sailors.
Coastal shelters

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