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History museum
The purpose of our museum, open since 2000, and the association which supports it, is to save, which may be still, of the maritime inheritance of the Cap-Sizun. This maritime past is important because our ancestors were often pioneers since the end of the Middle Ages to trade with all Europe and to go to Newfoundland to fish cod.

From accounts, models and documents of time, 2000 years of maritime history of the Cap-Sizun, you will discover:

  • exceptional life of the women and the men who were often pioneers in many fields,
  • old trades of the sea with their techniques and their secrecies, naval construction,
  • fishing with cod, sardine, lobster and tuna,
  • linked activities with fishing, canning facilities and the industrial revolution,
  • maritime specificities of the Cap-Sizun: the small ports shelters, headlights and the rescue.


In a word, the museum is from now on a concrete realization, alive.

In June 2000, a first exposure presenting the collection of the Museum joins together many parts brought and lent by the members of association in the unused buildings of the old old people's home of Audierne gracefully put at the disposal of association by the Town Hall of Audierne.

This exposure has success of regard and thus consolidates the members of association. Each year of new exposures take place.


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