Heign ar Hass

Rear Heign Hass (into Breton the back of the cat)

is undoubtedly most picturesque of the shelters of the course. Inserted in a notch of the point of Penharn, it is revealed only at the cost of one perilous walk on a narrow coastal path bordered of ferns and gorses. Betrayed by the presence of boats to damping, the small port appears finally.

crtThe place seems mysterious. Such an insulation gives to rear Heign Hass an air of den of pirates. The place was attended only by fishermen, fourteen boats in 1913, and by the masons of the course who embarked each year there, in February, bound for the building sites of Brest.
This same year the port profited from improvements. In 1926, the realization of a tilted plan and a platform with winch, then supplements summary installations in place.
Previously obliged to go to be made hoist through arm on cliff of all the close handle of Pors-Leodec, the boats can from now on find refuge on the hold of their home port.

In 1950 then in 1965 /1966, of major repairss were there necessary. In 1991 the port
was entirely destroyed by the storms and there it was necessary to arrange the path to be able to convey on the back of men materials necessary to his rebuilding.
Today, about ten boats still attend the places in summer in spite of collapse
of part of the hold and its superb vault. The depth of water in the split is important there, 10 meters close to the metal scale, 20 meters if one moves away about fifty meters. Nothing astonishing thus so that at the beautiful season one meets many amateurs of scuba diving there.

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