Fisherman's Cottage

The fisherman's live in the Cap-Sizun around 1900

Fisherman's Cottage

Small outline of the meals of this time

-the morning: coffee with the milk (coffee largely mixed with less expensive chicorey) in which were soaked pieces of bread, even pieces of crepes remaining of the previous days.

-midday: pulp with buckwheat wafers or crepes, this menu traditional and current was replaced sometimes by fish cooked with the pot on potato bottom and once per week by a meat ragout.

-the evening: soup with fish, with onions, accompanied by bread slices and with, in general, of crepes saturdays.

-Sunday: left “pot au feu” with cabbages, potatoes, boiled beef animal and bacon from which one obtained the “souben rouz”, left soup of color sunk because of onions. More rarely a rabbit ragout or chicken roasted with the oven.

The drink was clear water.

Ficherman's Cottage

The breeding of a pig
The improvement of the menus came from fishing to the shells and especially from the small small holding providing vegetables and the fruits. The breeding of a pig, when that was possible, improved the menus well. The pig was nourished with potatoes, with the nettles collected at the edge of the road, with the remainders of kitchen, the whole boiled in water “enriched” by water of cooking of kitchen. Fisherman's Cottage The interest of this breeding, at that time, was that the meat remained edible a long time after the demolition of the stupid grace, amongst other things, with its conservation by salt. This demolition, follow-up of the cutting and the treatment of the meat, joined together all the district for a “fest an o'ch”, pig celebrates, ending in a good meal with pig in all its forms (bacon, ham, sausage, roll…).

Fisherman's Cottage

The menu of the meals of marriage
It was characterized by a superabundance of meat dishes. The guests were thus convinced to take part in a true feast, with for example: vegetable soup with beef, grazes of the soup adapted out of stewed beef with carrots, pie of beef animal to prunes cooks with the oven, joint of beef or pig, cooked with the oven, blank with prunes, cookies.

The small holding
In the Cap Sizun, the families of fishermen often had a small holding. For the needs for the families, they cultivated potatoes and various vegetables and raised a pig. To also note the breeding of some sheep on the parts known as “common”.
The summer the women salted also fish (conger, sardines) for the winter and by the same method put out of preserve butter (more abundant and less expensive the summer).

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