Feunteun Aod

However nested in a corner of coast of most steep,
Feunteun-Aod (the fountain of the beach) knew and knows still an activity more important than its close close relations.

crtProtected from the winds of Noroît by high and long point, equipped with a water handle always, deprived of underhand head of rock, the port-shelter of the village of Pendreff always represented a refuge of choice. Coastal sheltersFeunteun-Aod and its invaluable source of fresh water are thus mentioned as of the Middle Ages on the portulans.

The place is used later as home port with a whole flotilla of boats fishing Julienne, conger and lieu. At the 16th century, these three species are dried on cliff before being marketed. In 1889, in order to more effectively hoist the boats out of attack of the swells of South-wester and South a quay and a quay level are built by the Highways Departments with the assistance of the fishermen; installations supplemented in 1922 by a mole and a winch. The risks of falls of ground involve the abandonment of these installations in 1935.
Today about fifteen boats whose ligneurs of professional bars wet there from May to September
Coastal shelters

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