Bestrée profits from a perfect insulation.

Near to the Point of Raz, distant from any infrastructure as well maritime as terrestrial, the small harbor has the pace of a true reference mark of smugglers. In spite of the exiguity of the places and the presence of dispersed shallow waters, Bestrée were assiduously attended per many sea fishermen, attracted by the proximity of the strong current, famous full of fish zone. In 1924, nineteen boats assembled by seventy-nine men had their fastener there. Then the number of these boats driven with the oar and armed with the racks gradually decreased.

crtBestrée, at the beginning of the 20th century, sheltered about twenty boats caseyeurs armed by eighty seasonal fishermen. One sees here the two types of machines usually used to track lobster and lobster: the cylindrical rack out of slat of châtaigner and the hemispherical rack in wicker.
Various installations made it possible to gradually improve the use and the safety of this port. In 1885 the large rock located west of the entry was connected to the coast by imposing a wall-dam in order to break the swell of south-wester, while a platform and a staircase found place with cliffside. A hand hold and cable winch came thereafter to complete the installations.

Coastal shelters

A clever engine cable car, sheltered in a site office, then avoided with the sailors the drudgery on foot going up their fishing and the material.
Bestrée was also one of home bases of the supply craft of the island of Center as of the star of changing of the headlights of the Old woman and Tévennec.
Coastal sheltersToday about fifteen boats whose ligneurs of professional bars wet there from May to September.
Coastal shelters

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