Barred spurs

Barred spur of The Old one of Iron: Celts of the 4th century at the 1st century before J-C

Barred spurs
  • Point of Castelmeur in Cléden
  • Point of Castel Koz in Beuzec
  • Anse de Suguensou on Goyen in Esquibien
  • Point of Castelmeur in Primelin
Barred spurs

These points, true fortified camps,are defended at the entry by ditches and contrescarpes. Barred spur of Point of Castelmeur Excavated by P. of Chatellier, in 1889, this point shows three cuttings off and a contrescarpe with as many ditches dug in the stalk, protecting approximately two hectares. Barred spursA hundred funds of huts dug on the slopes delivered objects in iron, of the stones of sling, the dormant grinding stones, a little pottery.

Les éperons barrés Barred spurs

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